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Online Video Coming in September!

“Say It Loud! Songs of Protest and Uprising” is a video pay-per-view concert project by the Corvid Ensemble which will consist of songs, photography, and spoken word performance. We are responding to current events of racial injustice and police brutality in the United States using the power of music and art, as well as providing some historical context on the genre of the protest song. We hope that the video will encourage people to exercise their First Amendment rights whether through peaceably assembling, petitioning the government, or speaking out against injustices. Each artist will submit a video which will be produced into a compilation video.

The video will be available for online viewing for at least a one-week period (exact September dates TBA), and a link to the video will be provided for a donation of any amount. To keep this accessible to all, those whose circumstances do not allow them to donate will be sent a viewing link upon request. The total donations will be split evenly amongst the artists. Check back soon for more details!

Meet the Artists